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Change the way you eat fast food

Pois Chiche is a conscious Middle Eastern food bar bringing some of the best Levantine street food to Brussels.

Founded by two ‘ketjes’ on a mission, we are here to show you that a quick bite can be tasty and good for you - and the environment! - too. From rolled flatbreads to plates or dips, our aim is to change the way you eat fast food in the city of Brussels.

Conveniently located 10 minutes walking from the city centre, right between the Marollen (the true heart of the city) and the trendy Sablon area, Pois Chiche is a meeting spot from and for the community.

We offer a wide variety of traditional and home made recipes with ingredients fresh from the field to take away or dine in.

Pop by on weekdays to enjoy our lunch, or just grab a quick dip or drink on our cosy terrace, and join us for a Middle Eastern brunch at the weekend.

Pois Chiche is all about affordable prices in an atmosphere to die for, so come and have a dip!

About being conscious

At Pois Chiche we are continuously looking for ways to improve our influence on the world and its habitants.

We try to achieve minimum impact by working as local as possible and reducing our waste. As durability is one of our core values, we reevaluate ourselves frequently to enhance our internal and external processes.

From collaborations with local city farms, to using only one roll of plastic a year in our kitchen. From using forgotten parts of vegetables in our dishes to composting our organic waste, to go back to the farms. There's not a single idea that's not worth trying to elaborate our cause. Because we all have a common goal, and that is to save and rebuild this world into something worthwhile.

Come and help us change the world of tomorrow today!


Compost in the city

Pois Chiche is a conscious Middle Eastern Foodbar. That's why we're composting our organic waste to go back to the farms. This is an extra cost for our restaurant, which we partly charge to our costumers.

The 'Compost in the City fee' is an extra fee of €0,16 charged on all plates.

If you eat in Pois Chiche you collaborate in our mission for a better world. 🌱

Thank you for understanding.

This project was set up by our partner Recyclo.


Did you know?

Together with our farmer Thomas from Peas and Beans we strive to have 100% Belgian chickpeas.

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